It can be tempting to think that defining moments of our lives happen on stages, in front of cameras, in our best outfit, when people are paying attention — heroic moments, important speeches, poetic words, generous deeds — done for all the world to see and give us an acceptance 'check'.

But the defining moments of our hearts and spirits happen in much darker, quieter spaces and times, often when no one is watching — no one is applauding.  And it's not the moment you win the battle...it's not the moment of glory or victory that defines you.

It's the moments you fall down but get back up, it's the moments you crack but allow His Grace to shine through, it's the scary terrifying times where you let His Peace reign in your heart, when failure kicks you down but His unending, enduring love compels you to get back up again — weak but strong, sinner yet saved, lost now found.